Jesus Felt and Feels

Three earthy, relatable characters – a soldier, an athlete, and a farmer – played important roles in last Sunday’s Scripture lesson. Writing ancient-but-ever-true words to his young protégé Timothy, the apostle Paul lifts up a soldier, an athlete, and a farmer as images of what it means to become a devoted follower of Jesus andContinue reading “Jesus Felt and Feels”

Freed from, Freed to

Freedom isn’t free. The history of this country proves the point. Thus, we Americans treasure being free from all manner of oppression and injustice. Perhaps that’s where your heart and mind go – we are “free from” – when choruses of national song and anthem wave over the land of the free and the homeContinue reading “Freed from, Freed to”

Love Is

Some of the most elegant prose in all of literature provides our Scripture lesson this morning: 1 Corinthians 13, the apostle Paul’s gripping testimony to the power of love. The passage places love and all its nuance at the center of life for a faith community of ever-maturing disciples. Love is the absolutely indispensable qualityContinue reading “Love Is”

More Than I Can Bear

The apostle Peter last Sunday provided the latest installment in the biblical story of God with us. Peter’s fellow Jewish Christians, like him new to faith in Christ, were upset, because Peter was breaking bread with non-Jews, a social and religious taboo of Peter’s day. But Peter calmly shares with his disgruntled contemporaries an amazingContinue reading “More Than I Can Bear”


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