Video meditation: Lighting the Second Candle of Advent

John the Baptist calls God’s people into the journey of repentance and transformation. (Mark 1:1-8) Similarly, we are called to prepare the way for God’s message of love and liberation to be shouted, heard and received. Those who dream make way for “righteousness and peace to kiss, for faithfulness to spring up from the ground.” (Psalm 85:10-11)

Join us this Advent as we dream alongside prophets and angels, Mary and the Magi. Join us as we seek and sow God’s dreams for our world.

This video meditation lights the second candle of Advent: the Candle of Peace. As we do, remember that Jesus came into the world to make us messengers by the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Mark 1:8). To prepare the way for peace is a choice that we must make daily. Messengers know that what we see is not all there can, will or should be. Messengers face the troubles of the world receptively, perceptively and attentively as they proclaim, “We shall overcome.”

– Pastor Grant

3 thoughts on “Video meditation: Lighting the Second Candle of Advent

  1. The scripture was beautiful, the music was beautiful, the video not so much. Sorry but did not put me in Christmas spirit.

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