His Name Is Son of God

Jesus. Immanuel. Immanuel. Jesus. You cannot speak of one without invoking the other. Jesus equals Immanuel. Immanuel equals God with us. Thus, Jesus equals God with Us. Your middle school algebra teacher was correct: A=B, and B=C, therefore A=C. Indeed, the math adds up: Amid profound brokenness and paralyzing fear, you can count on God’sContinue reading “His Name Is Son of God”

God Removes the ‘If’

Peering ahead to the next bend of the swift-flowing river, the kayaker spied a heron standing tall in the lightly iced shallows that lined the snow-dusted bank. Desperately wanting a close-up glimpse of the slender-but-majestic bird, she paddled upstream against the strong current as hard, but as quietly, as was possible. When she finally managedContinue reading “God Removes the ‘If’”