All Wrapped Up in Jesus

Timing is everything! If it’s meant to happen, it will – at the right time and for the right reason. And so it goes with this morning’s Scripture lesson. Jesus is giving his followers some last-minute teaching, some 11th-hour instruction, because the day of his death on the cross is fast approaching. Jesus has givenContinue reading “All Wrapped Up in Jesus”

Genuine Love

As some of our members prepare to confirm their baptismal vows on Sunday, Oct. 3, we’re spending some time looking at the three questions of baptism and confirmation: Do you reject sin and evil?Is Jesus your Lord and Savior?And do you promise to live for him? Last Sunday, we unpacked that first question about rejectingContinue reading “Genuine Love”

Do You Reject Sin and Evil?

A group of our members will be confirming their faith in worship on October 3, and during that celebration, each of them will be asked to respond “yes” to reaffirm the three questions of baptism. In baptism and confirmation, we first say “yes” to turning away from sin, then “yes” to the lordship and salvationContinue reading “Do You Reject Sin and Evil?”