Doers of the Word

Let’s just jump right into the story of God with us: James, Faith, Action! Listen for the Word of the Lord, as I read to you from the New Testament book of James. May the words of my mouth and the meditations of our hearts together be holy, acceptable, and pleasing to the Lord GodContinue reading “Doers of the Word”

Here’s What Mercy Means

Since the first of the year, we’ve been making a high-flying trip over the Old Testament of the Bible. The overarching story of God with us that we’ve heard thus far boils down to this: The God of all Creation has no patience for chaos and disorder, sin and brokenness – behaviors and situations thatContinue reading “Here’s What Mercy Means”

Mercy Within Mercy

Not long ago, a nationwide study surveyed people’s attitudes about forgiveness. The study found 75 percent of Americans feeling “very confident” that God has forgiven them of their sins and trespasses. But that rosy outlook turned muddy for interpersonal relationships. Only about half of the people surveyed felt certain that they’d forgiven others. While theContinue reading “Mercy Within Mercy”

Dear Diary

Suffice it to say that preachers over the years have not been kind to the woman who takes centerstage in this morning’s lesson. All we know from the Gospel of John is that she’s had five husbands, and in the setting of this story, the man with whom she’s now living is not her husband.Continue reading “Dear Diary”