Video meditation: Lighting the Third Candle of Advent

Sowing seeds is always an act of faith that always feels risky and feeble. How can something so small become something so beautiful, so big, and so nourishing?

Some seeds won’t germinate and instead remain buried in the ground. Of those seeds that do, some of the weak sprouts must be weeded out for their stronger neighbors to thrive. To survive, the remaining plants need plenty of moisture, but hard rain easily pummels young plants. And pests can devour them before they have a chance to develop.

And yet, our entire food system depends on seeds. All plants begin with seeds.

Dreams sow the seeds of joy, even if that joy doesn’t immediately spring forth. Like Mary, we are called to tend and nurture the dreams God has woven into us.

This video meditation lights the third candle of Advent: the Candle of Joy.

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